Men's Club Wild Game Feed

Join us December 2nd at 5:00 for a delicious meal. moose/venison meatloaf, beef meatballs, golden mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, bars and beverage.  

Free will donation. 

Lake of the Woods Retreat June 23rd-26th, 2019

Young's Bay Resort

  • General Plan:

Sunday June 23rd

  • Leave independently or coordinate with other travelers
  • Many will top off their gas tanks in Warroad
  • If you are interested in fishing in Ontario waters, it is easiest to buy your license online.
  • It is good walleye fishing on the US side, but it also tends to more open water and exposed to the wind. Nearby Canadian waters are picturesque with many islands, and is very good fishing, but daily possession is 2 walleyes per day. Possession is 2 if you buy a conservation license, 4 if you buy a sportsman license. But you can possess 4 walleyes if you have a MN license as we will fish MN water Sunday. 
  • Arrive at Young's Bay, get settled in, launch, and eat.
  • Fish nearby waters in the evening.

Monday and Tuesday June 24 & 25th

  • 7am breakfast
  • Lunch is on your own.
  • We plan on a 1 hour Bibel study both days, scheduel depending on weather conditions.
  • Supper at 6pm.

Wednesday June 26th

  • Breakfast and pack.
  • Fast food lunch in route home or pack your own.
  • Return to Grand Rapids in the afternoon.

Crossing the border: We corss into Canada north of Warroad. You WILL need a passport or pass-card. We check in with US Customs at a phone booth as having returned to the US at Jim's Corners enroute to Young's Bay Resort. 

  • No live bait, except you can bring worms - but not in soil
  • Answer questions in pleasant, matter-of-fact manner.

What to bring:

  • Marine radios or cell phone in each boat
  • Extra prop-there are lots of ROCKS; 4 of our 6 boats hit rocks in 2003!
  • Compass and maps of LOTW (NW-Q271 and SW- Q273 sections for Hotspot Maps)
  • Watch the weather - it is big water and can get rough in a hurry!
  • Buy minnows and/or leeches at Young's Bay Resort
  • Cooler in each boat (food and fish)
  • They provide bedding and towels, but your own pillow may feel better
  • Fan if it's going to be hot
  • Ear plugs if sensitive to snoring or other noises
  • Rain gear
  • Clothes - hot and cool weather (over-dress in te boat, it's always colder on the water)
  • Bibles, pencil and paper
  • Long extension cords and charger for boat batteries
  • Bug spray and sun screen


  • Gas-share truck/boat gas cost with whoever you are traveling with.
  • Food
    1. We provide Sunday supper at the resort
    2. We provide breakfast and suppers Monday and Tuesday
    3. We provide breakfast Wednesday morning
    4. You'll provide lunch on all three days, snack and pop is up to you.
    5. Greg Taylor will plan menus and buy food for the breakfasts and dinners- cost to be known later rough estimate $30.00

  • Lodging: Roughly $120 +tax after deposit
  • Launching: $10.00 one time fee each boat; free docking with cabin.
  • The resort accepts cash or personal check, but NO CREDIT CARDS


Men's Morning Bible Study

ALL MEN OF FIRST LUTHERAN You are invited to attend Men’s Morning Bible Study each Wednesday morning at Forest Lake Restaurant. We meet in the upstairs back room at 6:45 AM. We pen with a prayer and then begin our reading for the day. After our reading we have discussion. During this time our server takes our breakfast orders. Some men order just coffee and others a full breakfast. We are finished by 8 AM. There is plenty of room so bring your Bible and join us in studying God’s word.

Men's Club

 ALL MEN OF FIRST LUTHERAN- Men’s Club. If you’re male and a member of First

Lutheran you’re automatically a member of Men’s Club. We have meetings on the

second Monday of each month at 6:30pm in the church basement. Our mission is to help the ministry of First Lutheran by providing funds and manpower for the betterment of our church. Cinnamon Roll Sunday and the Wild Game Feed are a couple of ways for us to raise funds. Our meetings consist primarily of how to spend these funds. After a short meeting we have dessert provided by one of the men. Come and join us. You’ll enjoy it.  

Men's Club

Men's club meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. Any male member of the Church can attend the meetings. The meetings last about a half hour long. There is  discussion on the needs of the Church requested by the Church Trustees. Most of the needs are not budgeted items such as lawn mowers and equipment, kitchen repairs, or unexpected items.  Someone typically provides a dessert. 

Items the Men's Club have supported are: 

1. Replaced flooring in the educational wing

2. Replaced water heater in the kitchen

3. Repaired the gas stove in the kitchen

4. Assisted families with financial needs to camps

5. Purchase needed tools and equipment for Lutheran Island Camp

The only fundraising the Men's club does is the wild game feed held in December and cinnamon rolls they sell once a month from October through May.

Annual Men's Club fishing trip is designated to take the active, older members out fishing. They typically need assistance and cannot fish on their own.  In the evening a fish dinner is prepared for them.